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Linguaskill by Cambridge Assessment English

Cambridge Linguaskill is the latest English Proficiency Test developed by Cambridge Assessment English

One of the three exam boards forming the Cambridge Assessment Group.

It is the most advanced English Proficiency Test developed by Cambridge to-date, and is comparable to all other international English Proficiency Tests of the same standard.

100% online and computer-based test

Enabling test takers to be remotely proctored and have their English competency levels tested wherever they are.

Cambridge Linguaskill tests all four English skills:





Powered by AI technology

Cambridge Linguaskill provides accurate results within 48 hours or less, thanks to Cambridge’s adaptive and auto-marking technologies.
As a member of Cambridge’s family of Cambridge English Qualifications and Tests, Cambridge Linguaskill joins a suite of one of the most recognised English competency tests around the world.

Linguaskill for employers

If your employees need to work with colleagues or customers around the world in English, it is important that you are able to measure and support their communication skills.

Two test options are available, Linguaskill General and Linguaskill Business, depending on whether the job role requires everyday English or English used in a business and corporate setting. Results are fast and accurate, and aligned to international standards.